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Which Pokemon characters represent our NRL stars?

  • Which Pokemon characters represent our NRL stars?

    Dozens of people dressed up as Pikachu, the famous character of Nintendo's videogame software Pokemon, dance with fans as the final of a nine-day 'Pikachu Outbreak' event takes place to attract summer vacationers in Yokohama, in suburban Tokyo, on August 16, 2015. AFP PHOTO / Toru YAMANAKA (Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

The latest craze around the world is Pokemon and we're seeing it everywhere.

So why not combine the two and make some comparisons between our NRL stars and the Pokemon characters.

The Pokemon that everyone loves.

Jonathan Thurston is arguably the greatest to ever play the game. And one that doesn't have many haters. He's the face of the competition and is always leading the way, similar to the way Pikachu does for Ash when needed. 

A cat that likes success but generally fails

We like Jarryd Hayne at Fans Unite, but at the end of the day, he hasn't much success in his sporting life, despite his tremendous ability. Didn't have many wins at Parramatta, didn't have many wins as a NSW player, failed as an NFL player and recently failed to make the Rio Olympics with Fiji for the Rugby 7's. Come on Jarryd!

At full gallop, its four hooves barely touch the ground because it moves so incredibly fast.

Unfortunately we haven't seen Billy Slater this season, but we all know just how quick he is. When he gets the ball in hand and when he's running towards that try line, he's very rarely going to get caught. A full speed, there's not many quicker.

Grips its prey in its pincers and squeezes hard! It can't move if it's cold, so it lives in warm places.

Jake Friend is comfortably the competition's number one tackler and when Pinsir grips his prey, he doesn't let go, much like Friend does for the Roosters. Friend has 151 more tackles than the next best player, which is Mitch Rein from the Dragons. Don't run at Jake Friend and expect to get away!

Made of hardened sludge. It smells too putrid to touch. Even weeds won't grow in its path.

Look, not many like Paul Gallen other than Cronulla fans. And even that's a stretch at times. He's often referred to as a "grub" and much like Grimer, no one wants to go near him as they're generally on the end of some abuse or jumper punch or three.

While apparently doing nothing, it fires punches in lightning fast volleys that are impossible to see.

Andrew Fifita isn't your ultimate Hitmonchan. Doesn't mind throwing a punch or 50, and that was evident during last night's Origin dead rubber. He says he doesn't regret it and that's fair enough. But he has thrown a number of hay-makers in the past.

A ferocious, prehistoric POKéMON that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated saw-like fangs.

Sorry Jeremy, the only reason you've got Aerodactyl is because you're the oldest fossil in the competition. Aerodactyl is a prehistoric flying dinosaur that in their early life, went for the throat and did what he wanted. 

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